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Mobile-Friendly vs. Classic: Customer Apps

OneDesk offers classic and mobile-friendly customer applications. In short, the difference between classic or mobile-friendly apps comes down to the general appearance and some functionality. For example, the classic portal is used by customers for logging/viewing tickets or tasks. Mobile-friendly apps (MFA) add a knowledgebase and utilize Google Firestore to sync data. 

Which should I use?

If you do not or cannot use Google Firestore, for example, you have specific compliance requirements or otherwise do not want to share your data with Google, you should use the classic apps. 

Otherwise, the choice comes down to personal preference - your preferred appearance and desired functionality. You can learn more about the specific differences between the app types below. 

About the customer apps

Customer apps are end-user or customer-facing applications. These include applications such as the webforms, portal, knowledgebase, messenger, and web widget. Apps allow customers to interact, submit requests, stay updated and find answers in various ways.

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Apps are classified as mobile-friendly (MFA) or classic versions. Some apps are MFA only, some are classic only and in other cases there are two versions. 

  • Web widget - Available as both classic or MFA
  • Customer Portal - Available as the classic portal or the ticket/tasks portal (MFA)
  • Webforms - Available as classic or MFA
  • Messenger - Available as classic or MFA
  • Knowledgebase - Available as MFA only

What are the differences between mobile-friendly apps (MFA) and Classic apps? 

  • As the name implies mobile-friendly apps are responsive to mobile browsers. Classic apps can be used on mobile devices, however, the mobile-friendly apps are more optimized for smaller screens. 
  • Mobile-friendly apps require Google Firestore to be turned ON as it is used to sync data.  
  • The mobile-friendly tickets/tasks portals allow more configation in terms of which properties are editable or not editable by a customer. 
  • The mobile-friendly portal allows a customer to set their own language from their profile. The classic portal allows you to manually edit the language or text displayed on your portal. 
  • Mobile-friendly apps have a dark mode which displays depending on the end-user's device settings.
  • General appearance differences. 

Classic portal

Mobile-friendly tickets portal

How can my customers access the customer apps?

For both the MFA or classic apps customers can use them in a few ways, depending on your preference:

  • Embed the widget on your website - you can then choose which apps are displayed within and make other configurations in OneDesk without making additional changes to your website. 
  • Provide links to an individual app, 
  • Embed the individual app on your website using an iFrame.

See complete instructions at: Adding Apps to Your Website