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Close Conversations Automatically When Finishing Items

Workflow automations are a powerful tool in OneDesk, allowing you to automatically make changes on your items when a specified trigger is met. There are many uses of workflow automations to help streamline day-to-day activities in your organization, and one potential automation which can aid with this is closing all open conversations in an item when the item’s lifecycle is set to a finished state.

Accessing Workflow Automations

Workflow automations can run on tickets, tasks, projects, and timesheets. To access the automation creation options for any of these item types, go to More Applications -> Administration -> The item you want to create an automation for. After doing this, scroll down to the “Workflow Automations” header.

Creating Your Automation to Close Conversations

The automation to close conversations on items with a closed state will affect tickets and tasks, so navigate to either your ticket settings or task settings, and select “Create Workflow Automation”.

In the “Runs on” section, you can narrow down or expand what the automation runs on. Leaving it at “any item types” will run the automation on any ticket or task type which fulfills the trigger. For the “Trigger” section, then, set it to be when the lifecycle status state changes to “finished”. 

Note: Lifecycle status state and lifecycle status are two separate designations in OneDesk. Lifecycle statuses belong to one of three overarching states: Not Started, In Progress, and Finished. Lifecycle states will affect every item, whereas lifecycle statuses will only affect items with the exact same status. More on managing statuses.

Finally, in the “Actions” section, set the action to be “close conversations”. You can specify whether to close customer replies or internal messages only, or close all conversations. Let’s close all conversations when our item’s lifecycle state is finished, so our final automation looks like this:

Select save, and now whenever a ticket or task’s lifecycle status changes to a status associated with the finished lifecycle state (closed, resolved, etc.), all conversations inside that ticket or task are automatically closed. You can still access these conversations inside the detail panel of the affected item, or in the “Closed Conversations” tab of the Messenger application.

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