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Zapier Integrations

(Available on Premium level plans or higher)

OneDesk helps you connect to hundreds of different web applications through direct and Zapier integrations. Create automated workflows across multiple applications to suit your needs.

Accessing Integrations in OneDesk

To access the integrations possible through OneDesk, go to more applications -> administration -> integrations. From the tabs at the top of this menu, select either “Integrations” or “Zapier Integrations”, depending on whether you want to set up a direct integration in OneDesk or utilize Zapier to link OneDesk with a non-directly integrated program.

OneDesk’s Direct Integrations

OneDesk has direct integrations with a variety of applications. From the “Integrations” tab, you can select the dropdown menu beside each direct integration to see what each integration does, and how to set the integration up. Let’s select the Box integration and see what it does:

For more in-depth setup instructions for specific applications, refer to this page on OneDesk’s website.

Integrating with Zapier

If there is an application you want to integrate with OneDesk which is not directly supported, you can go through Zapier. In the “Zapier Integrations” tab inside OneDesk are examples of triggers and actions which Zapier supports between OneDesk and a variety of applications.

Zapier is a third-party solution which links triggers and actions between applications to create integrations. They offer free and paid plans depending on the customer’s needs. To explore what applications are available for OneDesk to link through Zapier, take a look at Zapier’s OneDesk page and search for the application you wish to link:

When you select the desired pairing app, a list of supported trigger events and actions to be taken for both OneDesk and the supported application will then appear.

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