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Quoting Overview

A quote is a formal document that details the price of a project or service. In OneDesk you can send quotes to clients. Quotes can be generated from project templates or created from scratch.

Accessing Quoting / Financials

Quoting is found in the OneDesk Financials application, indicated by the '$' symbol on your left side panel.

Financials permissions

All admin-level users have access to the Financials application.

By default, the Financials app is restricted (hidden) for non-admin users. However, non-admin users can be given access to the Financials app via user application permission settings. These settings are located on an individual user's profile. 

Enable the Financials app

If you have access to the Financials app but do not see it on your side panel, it may be disabled in your organization.

  • Enable the Financials application by going to Administration > Users Apps. 
  • Toggle Show Hidden Applications.
  • Enable Financials. 

Create a Quote

  • Select Add > Quote
  • In the popup, select the Customer Organization.
  • Select the rate structure. These are the rates used to calculate the quote. (Click the cogwheel to alter your hourly rates) 
  • Choose a project template. The template will generate the quote based on the items and planned hours. (Leave this option empty to start blank quote) 
  • Check ‘Include items’ to display the ticket/task names when generating a quote from a template. 

Quote flow / statuses

Like invoices, quotes through a defined set of statuses. The statuses of quotes are not configurable. The possible statuses are as follows: 

Draft - The quote can be edited or deleted. When ‘set to open’ the invoice moves to the Open status.

Open - The quote date changes to today and it can no longer be edited. The quote can be moved to Draft, Sent, Accepted or Canceled.

Sent - Sets the ‘Last sent date’ and changes the expiration based on your terms. The quote can be moved to Accepted, Canceled, or converted to an invoice. 

Accepted - Sets the ‘Accepted’ date to today. The quote can be moved to Canceled or converted to an invoice.

Converted to invoice- While not a ‘status’ per say, the quote will generally be converted into an invoice after being accepted. A quote which has become an invoice will start in the ‘Open’ status then go through the typical invoicing flow. Converted invoices cannot be edited or moved back to the draft status. 

Canceled - The quote can be canceled by a permitted user at any stage. This action cannot be undone. Cancelled quotes can be deleted.

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