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How to Change the Account Owner in OneDesk

By default, in OneDesk the Account Owner of an organization is the first user to sign up for a new organization (eg. the user who creates their organization inside OneDesk). 

For example, if User1 creates a OneDesk account for them and their organization, CompanyA, and then User2 joins CompanyA as a second Administrator, User1 is the Account Owner for CompanyA’s OneDesk account. 

Account owners are permanently set as an administrator and cannot be downgraded. While you can create other administrators in the account, you can (and must) have one, (and only one) account owner.

How to Tell Which User is the Account Owner

One way to determine which user is the account owner in OneDesk if you are an administrator and unsure of the account owner, is to first go to more applications -> users and then check which admin users can have their permissions changed.

Double click the user you wish to inspect to gain access to their detail panel, and scroll down to the permissions heading. Account owners are given Administrator status automatically, and this status cannot be changed. Therefore, if an administrator cannot change the admin status of another user, that user is the account owner.

See below for what a non-owner administrator’s permissions would look like:

While the user is an administrator, other administrators can downgrade them to a non-administrator as needed.

And now see below for what an account owner’s permissions will look like:

The permission settings are greyed out and cannot be changed, even by the account owner themselves.

If you are unsure who the account owner is and have too many users to check manually, feel free to reach out to OneDesk either through the live chat or by email at hello@onedesk.com and we can access your account records to determine which user is the designated account owner.

How to Change the Account Owner

Since the account owner is automatically set to the first account to sign up under your organization, you may wish to transfer ownership if this order doesn’t align with who needs to be an administrator or in a position of ownership inside OneDesk.

For security reasons, there is no setting inside OneDesk to change the account owner on your own, but feel free to reach out to OneDesk through the live chat or by email and we can transfer ownership between accounts on your behalf. We will need some additional information on your part to do this, which will be specified when an ownership request is initiated.

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