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Alternative Email Threading

When an email comes into OneDesk, the email is captured and the system determines whether the email relates to an already existing conversation, or if the email should be created as a new ticket. This is handled by replying to a specific particle in the reply-to email, which can be seen in your inbox (Gmail pictured):

However it can happen that this particle is not present in the reply-to email address. This can happen because: an email client rewrites the email address; the Organization wants to use their own email address; an email server does not support plussed email addresses (this is getting rarer); or due to a few other reasons. 

We next fall-back to using headers in the email itself, more specifically the “In-Reply-To” header and the “References” header. If the particle is missing in the reply-to email address we can usually find a conversation ID in one or both of these headers.

However, once again, many email clients and servers do not follow email standards and don’t fully support the headers. 

We have a few other tricks up our sleeves, but if your conversations are not getting threaded correctly, we have a final (and mostly foolproof) option you can turn on: Adding the token ID to the email subject line. When this option is enabled, a token ID is automatically injected into the subject line when sending, and OneDesk will prioritize using this when threading conversations.

Read on to learn more.

Why You Might Change the Threading Particle’s Location

Some email clients do not follow standard protocol and may run into issues when encountering this particle in the reply-to section. In these cases, emails will not be threaded to the correct ticket. OneDesk has an option to force the email’s particle to appear in the subject line, rather than the reply-to section. This adds extra reliability to the email threading operations when working with specific email clients.

Adding the Threading Particle to the Subject Line

To enable the particle as visible in the email’s subject line, navigate to More Applications -> Administration -> Emails -> Appearance Settings.

Scroll down to your reply settings, and check the box “Use token ID in subject to thread conversations”.

Once you have checked this box, a particle following the format {| XXXX |} will appear in the subject line of emails. This will help reduce instances of emails being threaded incorrectly when using certain email clients.

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