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Creating Flat Fee Invoices

You can create invoices to charge for a fixed amount. Flat fee invoices are linked to flat fee projects. 


  • Quotes can be converted into invoices.
  • You can link a project to a quote. If the project’s invoice method was ‘no invoice planned’ it will become ‘flat fee’ and also linked to the customer organization. 
  • Rather than first creating a quote, you can directly create an invoice for a flat fee project. The project’s invoice method must be ‘flat fee’. You can set an invoice method upon creation of the project, after choosing the project’s customer organization. 

Create a flat fee invoices from a quote:

Quotes can be converted into an invoice at any stage after draft. Typically the quote is converted after being accepted. A flat fee invoice that began as a quote cannot be moved into draft. 

See: Quoting Overview 

Create a new flat fee invoice (no quote):

  • From the top menu click Add > Invoice.
  • Select the customer organization you want to invoice.
  • Select 'For a project' and choose a flat fee project.
  • Choose your rate structure. Your rate structure will determine the grouping of line items and how the invoice will be calculated. Select the cogwheel to alter the hourly rates of any structure.
  • Click ‘include items’ if you want to be able to enter item names/details.
  • Click 'stay in tab' to automatically navigate to the invoice. (Your preference is saved next time). A new empty draft invoice will be created
  • Located above the subtotal, select 'Add [block].' The name of this block depends on your chosen rate structure. For example, 'Add Service Type' or 'Add Team'. Each block can only be added once, with multiple line items within each.
  • Configure your quantities. and enter details if desired. You can add line items to a block by selecting the plus icon beside a line. 
  • Optionally you can add line items such as discounts, taxes, or a custom line item. (These can be entered automatically based on defaults. See: Invoice Settings).
  • Select 'Change status to Open' The invoice will be moved from the Draft status to Open. Open invoices cannot be modified unless put back to Draft. 

Note: The grouping of line items is determined by your rate level. You can choose whether to show item names or not from your Financials settings or upon creation of the invoice. See: Invoice Settings.

Sending an invoice

  • You can send any invoice in the Open status.
  • Before sending, be sure there is a billing contact for the customer organization. Set or configure this by going to the customer organization profile. (Click the organization name on the invoice).
  • If you haven’t already, set your payment instructions and company information from your settings.
  • You can preview your invoice from the action menu (three dots) on the upper right side of your screen. 
  • Select 'Send invoice.'
  • The invoice will be sent by email to the customer organization's billing contact.

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