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Timer / Timesheet Settings & Defaults

You can change the default settings of timesheets in OneDesk to best fit your organization’s workflow. For example, timesheets can be automatically set to approved instead of needing to manually be changed, or approved through the use of macros or automations.

Accessing and changing timesheet settings

To access your timesheet settings in OneDesk, navigate to More Applications -> Administration -> Timesheets, and scroll to the bottom of the timesheet settings.

About default settings

You can change the default billable status, approval status, and whether the start and finish date is in date format or date/time format. These options configure the defaults when filling in the timesheet form. 

  • Default billable type - Billable or Nonbillable
  • Timesheet status - Approved or Not Approved Yet
  • Timesheet start and finish - Show Only Date or Show Date and Time

As an example, let’s switch our default billing type from “Billable” to “Non-Billable”. Select the dropdown menu for “Default Billing Type” and change the default to non-billable. Now, when you create a timesheet, it will be marked as non-billable by default:

About timer options

  • Show start/stop work button - Enable or disable the blue 'start work' button that appears below a task/ticket's title. Learn more about what this button does in the article: Automatic Time Tracking
  • Starting a timer unassigns other users and teams - Automatically unassigns anyone else assigned to the ticket/task when a user starts a timer. 
  • Allow the user to review and change the timesheet before submitting. - When a timer is stopped, the timesheet form will open, allowing the user to change any timesheet properties before submission. Note: This setting does not apply to users with 'timer access only' permissions or to Administrators. Users with 'timer access only' permission will never be able to configure a timesheet before submission. For administrators, the timesheet form will always open before submission. See also: Timer Access Only/Automatic Time Tracking

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