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Project Discovery

What is Project Discoverability?

A project acts as a container for your tickets and tasks. In OneDesk projects are ‘shared’ with your teams or users. When a project is not shared, that team or user will not see the project or its contents. You can easily find projects that you are not following and then request to join them. You can also change the project’s discoverability status to allow users to see whether the project exists or not in the first place.

The ‘Discoverability’ of a Project refers to whether other users can learn of its existence. If a project is not shared with a user, but it is ‘discoverable,’ then that user can learn of its existence and request permission to join. Since Administrators have full access to the Company’s account, they can join projects without requesting permission. 

Project discoverability settings in OneDesk

Projects in OneDesk can be set to be either ‘Private’ or ‘Discoverable by other users in your company’. Administrators can see all projects in OneDesk, regardless of whether they are marked as private or not. To learn more about different permissions between administrator and non-administrator accounts, see the article: App Permissions. 

When you set a project as ‘Private to me’ then other non-Admin users will not be able to Discover its existence and request to join.

Projects that are ‘Discoverable’ by other users in my company are allowed to be discovered by other non-Admin users in your company even if they are not shared with them. They will be able to see the project’s name and request to join.

To modify whether a project is private or discoverable, select the specific project you wish to modify from the projects application.

Double-click the project you want to edit to open its detail panel, and select the eye icon to mark a project as private or discoverable.

How to discover projects

By default, projects that are not shared with you are hidden. To find discoverable projects:

  • Select the project-scope menu, on the top left views panel.
  • Select the tag in the top right of the menu. A side panel will open to the right.
  • From this side panel select ‘Not shared with me’ (admins)  / ‘Request access to projects not shared with me’ (non-admins)
  • The right project-scope menu will now display ‘discoverable’ projects not shared with you. 
  • You can hover a project in the menu to join/request access. 

As mentioned, administrators can discover all projects and join them, regardless of their privacy status. Admins can also select any project from the scope menu to browse the project without joining. Upon selecting a project from the scope menu, the grid will display the selected project(s).

 Non-administrators can only see project names which are not hidden from them and must request access.

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