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Language Settings

With multi-language capabilities, you can change OneDesk’s interface language at the company, user, and customer levels. You are able to: 

  • Match the interface language of OneDesk to your company’s language preference
  • Permit users to choose their own preferred interface language 
  • Improve customer experience by customizing the language of the customer apps

These customization options provide your organization with the flexibility to service both your users and customers in the most convenient manner.

Changing the language - At the user level

You can change the language for just an individual user in your account. 

To change the language of an individual user inside OneDesk, head to More Applications >> Users and double click on the user whose language you wish to change.

Under the “Language” dropdown you can select a language. This user will then have their OneDesk application refreshed with the new language being displayed.

If you would like to change the language for yourself, you can either follow the above steps, or select your name in the top-right corner and change your interface language from there.

Changing the language - At the company level

If your organization is working mostly in a certain language, you can change the default language for all users through your company preferences. Access these preferences through Administration >> Company Preferences, and scroll down to the “Localization” section.

In the “Language” menu, select the language you want OneDesk to display as. This will change the default language for all users to the set language. Users can still change their personal display language from their detail panel or in the top-right corner.

Changing the language - For customer apps

Your customer apps are the applications which your customers will be accessing and submitting items through - the Messenger, Customer Portal, Webforms, and Knowledgebase. The language in which these apps are displayed can be changed separately than the language in which the main OneDesk application is displayed.

To change the language of your classic portal, go to More Applications >> Administration >> Customer Apps >> Classic Apps Settings and scroll to the “Classic Portal Text/Language" section. 

Changing the customer language - Tickets/Tasks Portal

Customers can change their individual language preferences in the Tickets/Tasks Portal and other mobile-friendly customer apps. Customers should click their profile, in the top left of the customer app. Their preferences will be retained upon logout and will override the base language. 

Please note that translations are created through machine translation. Occasionally incorrect word substitutions may occur. We encourage feedback from our customers on any errors which are noticed in translated versions of OneDesk.

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