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The Knowledge Center

The Knowledge Center is an application in OneDesk which is used to create and manage knowledgebase articles, knowledgebase categories, and saved replies. You can think of it as your hub of support resources. 

Enable the Knowledge Center App

The Knowledge Center is enabled in new accounts by default. The KC is located on the far left sidebar under more applications. If you are an admin-level user and do not see the Knowledge Center, it may be disabled in your account. Enable the KC by going to Administration > User Apps > Show Hidden Applications. Toggle on the Knowledge Center. 

Permissions for the Knowledge Center

By default, non-admin users will not see the Knowledge Center. Non-admins can still access articles and saved replies when responding to customers. Articles and replies can be inserted from the quick search menu (the 'three dots' in the message box).

Non-admin users can be given access to the Knowledge Center.

  • Go to Users > 'name of the user' > Permissions & Notifications tab.
  • Set the 'Articles app permission to 'Full Access'.

About the Knowledge Center

There are three tabs in the Knowledge Center: Articles, By Category and Saved Replies. 

The Articles tab

The articles tab contains your knowledgebase articles. Here you can browse, organize, pin, and edit articles.

Articles work views

Articles like other items, can be organized into projects and folders. Projects and folders are used to aid in the internal organization of your articles. In other words, customers do not see or use this organization on the knowledgebase, rather it is used to help you and your team manage your articles. You can also filter, sort, and group your articles to view or locate the information you need.

Learn more about work views: Custom Work Views

Pin articles 

Pinned articles will appear in the message menu of conversations. From the quick search menu, you can easily link or post the full article to a conversation. Pin your most useful articles for quickly and easily sending resources to customers. 

For details on editing and creating articles see: Create & Edit KB Articles

Pin your favorite replies to the quick search menu. Hover the article/reply name and click insert.

The By Category tab

The By Category tab is used to manage, create, and edit categories. Categories are how your articles are organized on your knowledgebase. In other words, customers browse through categories to find relevant articles. 

See: Create & Edit Categories

Tip: The order of categories in the by category tab does NOT affect the order on your knowledgebase. To add categories to a KB or change the order as they appear on the KB go to Admin > ‘your knowledgebase’.

See also: Configure Your KB

Saved Replies tab

The Saved Replies tab is used to manage, create, and edit saved replies.

Click the action menu (three dots) beside the reply. 

  • Edit the reply to configure the content, name, or attachments. 
  • Pin to quick search - Pins the reply to the action menu of your message box, allowing your team to quickly insert the reply. 
  • Delete - Permanently deletes the reply. 

See: Create & Edit Replies

The Knowledge Library

The Knowledge Library is a complementary tool for accessing your articles and replies. It is meant for quickly browsing through saved replies and articles, then sending those resources to customers. Open the Knowledge Library from the quick search menu > Browse Full Knowledge Library. A popup will open, consisting of two tabs: Knowledgebase Articles and Saved Replies. 

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