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Website Widget

OneDesk allows you to place a customer-facing widget onto your website. This gives your customers different ways to interact with you through various channels. You can give your customers access to the applications you choose and customize the widget appearance. 

Example of the widget embedded on a website

What is the web widget?

The web widget is an application that can be added to your site and appears as a bubble icon on the side of a webpage. When that icon is clicked, customers can access the customer apps you have enabled. (Customer apps include the messenger, portal, webforms, and knowledgebase). Each app appears as a tab within the widget. The widget itself can be configured in terms of appearance as well as which apps are included within the widget.

The expanded widget with each customer app displayed as tabs.

Preview your widget

Preview your widget by going to your profile menu > customer apps > widget. A new tab will open with the widget embedded on a sample page. This is the actual widget embedded onto a sample page. You should embed the widget to your own site in order to give your customers access to it. 

Which applications are in the widget?

By default, the following applications are contained in the widget: 

  • Messenger (live chat) - A real-time chat between customer and agents.
  • Tickets Portal - A portal where customers login to view their tickets.
  • Webforms - A customizable form to submit tickets. 
  • Knowledgebase - A self-service section for articles. 

You can make many configurations including: hiding apps, adding multiple apps, and renaming apps. Learn more in the related articles. 

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