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Max Billable Hours

Billable hours are charged to a client based on an agreed upon rate. In OneDesk, billable hours are logged via timesheets on your tickets or tasks within a project. 

You can set the maximum billable hours in a project. Setting max billable hours limits how much billable time  users can submit to a project.

Set max billable hours in a project

You can set the max billable hours on a new or existing project. 

For a new project: 

  • Go to the top 'Add' button and select ‘Project.’ 
  • Expand ‘Other Settings’ and fill in the ‘Max Billable Hours’ to the desired amount. Fill in any other details of the project as desired, and click 'Create.' 

For an existing project:

  • Navigate to the project detail panel (double click the project from the grid).
  • Enter the desired max billable hours.  (If you do not see this property, see below). 

Using max billable hours

The max billable hours is taken into account when billable time is logged on tickets or tasks within the project.  Agents will be prevented from logging time excess of the maximum billable hours.

Monitoring max billable hours

You can monitor the logged ('actual') billable time in comparison to the maximum.

  •  On the project detail panel, you can see how much billable work has been logged alongside the maximum. 

  • When submitting the timesheet, remaining billable hours is shown next to the item name on the timesheet form. 

Enabling / disabling max billable hours

Max billable hours is enabled by default in new accounts. If you do not see the 'max billable hours' on a project detail panel, it may be because it is turned off in your account.

To display the max billable hours, navigate to Administration >> Projects.

Click 'Add another property to the detail panel' and select 'Max Billable Hours'. 

The property will now be fully available and appear on you project detail panel. 

To hide the max billable hours, navigate to Administration >> Projects. 

To remove the property, select the 'x' next to 'Max Billable Hours'. 

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