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Project Templates

For some industries it is common to do similar projects over and over again with only a few differences each time. The core idea of a template project is to save yourself the trouble of creating identical sets of tasks over and over again. In OneDesk you can mark projects as templates. You can create new projects based on these templates. When creating, you can decide which properties are copied over from the template to the new project.  

(Note: You can also clone (non-template) projects or import a project from a csv file) 

Set a project as a template

You can mark any project as a ‘template’.

  • Go to the project detail panel (double click the project name) 
  • Beside the name, check on ‘Template’ 

Templates are indicated with a unique icon. Any template projects will appear by default in the list when creating a new project from a template. You can also create new quotes based on templates.

Template projects are not functionally different from a normal project. 

Tip: Organize template projects into their own portfolio. 

Creating a project from a template

  • Click ‘Add’ from the top menu. 
  • Select ‘Project’ and in the window, choose ‘from template’ 
  • Give your project a name. 
  • Select the project template to copy. 
  • In this dropdown, you will see all template projects. If you click ‘show all projects’ you will also be able to select non-template projects to copy).
  • Click show template options to choose which properties to copy. (Your choices are saved for next time).
  • You can fill in other details of the project if desired (start date, portfolio, etc.)

Cloning projects

You can choose to select an existing project and clone the information contained within it. Cloning works just like creating a project from a template, it will copy the properties of the project. You can clone a template or non-template project. 

See also: Cloning Tasks/Projects

Import template project

If you already have a project that you use as a template you can import that directly into OneDesk. For detailed information on importing please see: Importing Tickets/Tasks

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