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Views Management

The 'Manage Views' panel allows you to configure the side panel display of your app's work views.

Hover over the views panel within any of OneDesk’s main apps to bring up your View configuration icons. The cogwheel icon beside ‘Views’ brings up the ‘Manage Views’ panel. The plus icon beside ‘My Views’ brings up the ‘Create New View panel. This article will focus on View Management. For in depth information about custom views please see: Custom Views

Manage Views: 

The views management panel will appear after clicking the cogwheel.

Example Views Management panel in the Tasks app

System Views

Settings under System Views allow for configuration of the system level layout views. System views are essentially the 'base' layouts of your account, such as Flat, Gantt, and Calendar. The ability to configure System Views are available to Administrator level users only. Any changes an administrator makes to these views will apply to all users in the company.

Change System View Name

You can change the name of any System View by clicking on the pencil icon beside the name. 

Reorder System Views

You can reorder the System Views. On the left side of the view name click and drag to the desired order. 

Hide/Show System Views

Check the box beside the desired System View to enable or disable which views appear in the side panel. Some System Views are only available in certain apps. 

Set Default System Views

You can select the default System View. The selected System View will be displayed by default whenever users enter the configured app.

Custom Views

Show/Hide Custom Views

You can turn on/off custom views to hide the custom view from the side panel without deleting the view. This configuration is helpful for decluttering your side panel of less frequently used custom views.

Reorder Custom Views

You can reorder the layout options by clicking on the left side of the view and dragging to the desired order. 

Change Custom View Name

You can change the custom view name by clicking on the pencil icon beside the view name. 

Edit Custom View

The pencil icon in the Actions column allows you to edit the custom view, such as adding additional filters, change grouping etc. For detailed information on creating custom views: Custom Views

Manage Sharing

The second icon in the action column allows an admin user to share a custom view. The sharing function is available only to Administrator level users.

You can configure whether a custom view is shared and with whom. This setting is helpful to create unified views across your company, team or among colleagues.

Available sharing options:

  • Do not share - The custom view will be visible only to you. Also known as a ‘private view’
  • Share with all users - The custom view will be shared company wide, to all users.
  • Share with selected users and teams - The custom view can be shared with one or more users or teams.

Delete Custom View

The trash icon under the Action column allows users to delete a custom view. 

Show All Views in my Organization

Available to admin users only, the Show all Views in my Organization option will display all custom views created by other users in your organization. The administrator can now configure these views much like their own custom view configurations.

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