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Subtask Tree View

Subtasks in OneDesk are full-featured items that can be split off, moved independently, and go through a full lifecycle. This means that within the Folder Tree view, subtasks might not be located under their parent. 


The 'Subtask Tree' view groups subtasks under their parent, regardless of where they are in your folder hierarchy.

The Subtask Tree view is located on the left side panel in your system views with the tickets and tasks applications. 

Turn on the Subtasks Tree view:

The Subtasks Tree is a System View that is turned off by default for existing accounts. You can show it by opening the 'Manage views' panel on the left of your tickets or tasks application and turning it on.

Details of the Subtask Tree view:

  • The Subtasks Tree can even show subtasks that reside in different projects (though not a recommended practice), as long as you have access to that project.

  • The Subtasks Tree follows your current project-level selection (like every view) however, if subtasks reside in projects outside the current selection (once again, not a recommended practice) we will show them in this view in a grayed state. This requires you to have access to the project where it resides.

  • If a subtask resides in an archived project, you will not see it in the tree when 'Show archived Projects' is off. You will still see it in the parent's detail panel however.
  • Grouping by Parent/Subtask is a grouping option, so you can create your own custom views with this grouping.

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