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Mobile OneDesk Customer Experience

OneDesk provides a mobile-friendly experience for customers. Using a mobile web browser, customers can make use of any customer-facing applications: Messenger, Webforms, Knowledgebase, Tickets/Tasks Portal. To learn about creating and configuring the Tickets/Tasks Portals, please refer to: Ticket and Task Portals for Customers

This article is about customers (or end-users) For information on user/agent mobile experience please refer to: Mobile User Experience

What can customers access on mobile devices?

Customers have access to the customer applications you have enabled in OneDesk (Messenger, Webforms, Knowledgebase, and the Tickets/Tasks Portal). The Tickets/Tasks Portal allows customers to view items(tickets/tasks) by logging into the portal(s). 

Example customer apps view on mobile

What details can customers see in the Tickets/Tasks Portal?

What items (tickets/tasks) a customer can see corresponds to settings you have applied with the main OneDesk application.  

To configure visibility settings, go to Administration >> Task/Ticket Portal’s name.

By default, customers can view items they requested, are following, or are requested by other customers in their organization, and items in the project they are following. 

(Note: Customers are automatically followers on any items they have created.) 

For more detail on Ticket/Task Portal configuration see: Tickets/Tasks Portal

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