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Create & Edit Saved Replies

Saved replies are useful for answering common questions and keeping answers accurate and consistent.

Your company’s saved replies are stored in the Knowledge Center app under the Saved Replies tab. From here you can browse, edit, and create saved replies.

(To learn about the Knowledge Center, or if you do not see app please see: Knowledge Center )

What is a saved reply? 

Saved replies (canned responses) are global saved messages that any user within your company can use. Users are able to use the 'quick search' in conversations, or browse the knowledge library to insert the reply into a conversation. The reply can be edited before it is sent. 

Using saved replies can:

  • Save time your team would otherwise spend typing out responses.
  • Ensure accuracy and consistency in answering common questions.
  • Maintain company tone and voice.
  • Avoid mistakes when writing customer names, item IDs, etc. thanks to dynamic properties.

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Create new replies 

You can create new replies from the Knowledge Center or Knowledge Library. 

From the left sidebar go to Knowledge Center >> Saved Replies >> Create New Reply

Or, from the Message action menu >> Browse Full Knowledge Library >> Create New Reply

The new reply window will open.

  • Enter the name of the reply. Your users will use this name to search for and identify the reply.
  • Enter the reply text. This is what will be entered into the conversation upon inserting the reply. 
  • You can insert dynamic properties by selecting ‘Insert Property.’ These values will be automatically populated based on the context when inserted into a conversation. 
  • You can attach files to the reply. Click the paper clip to attach your file. The file will be attached upon inserting the saved reply.
  • You can also embed images or use text formatting such as bulleted lists. Highlight your text and the text formatting toolbar will appear.
  • Click Save when finished.

Manage saved replies

Access all saved replies from Knowledge Center >> Saved Replies

Here you can browse and manage all your saved replies. 

  • Select the action menu (three dots) to edit a reply. This will open the popup where you can edit the name, reply text, or attached files. 
  • Select the action menu to pin the reply. Pin your most common replies to allow your team to easily insert the reply. Pinned replies will appear in the quick-search menu (accessed from the action menu in the message box).
  • Select the action menu and Delete to permanently delete the reply.

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