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Importing Tickets/Tasks

If you have tickets/tasks in another system and would like to import them into OneDesk follow the steps below.

CSV, MMP, MPT files are accepted.

Before importing

There are a few things to know and/or do before importing.

  1. In many cases it is not even necessary to import your old tickets and customers. Unless they are being actively worked on, this can serve to clutter your new account. OneDesk will create new tickets and customer records automatically as new emails arrive.
  2. Import one or two records first to make sure that you have done the correct mapping and included all properties before importing all your records. Otherwise you will have to do a lot of deleting and start over.
  3. A name is a required property in order to import. Other properties are optional but include: description, priority, planned work, constraint type, customer first/last name, customer email, customer organization, assignee first/last name, assignee email. You can only map each field once. In other words two columns cannot both be mapped to the 'priority' field. If you have data that does not easily map to thee default fields, create a custom field before importing. (More on Custom Fields)
  4. Some properties require a specific format to map correctly.:
  5. Date should be in the format: "yyyy-mm-dd"
  6. Priority level must be a number from 0-5, corresponding to the number of stars. If you use a priority level such as 'Medium' this  could be updated to a level such as '3'.

Note: The imported tickets/tasks will be contained in a project named after your import file. 

IMPORTANT: If you wish to import old tickets/tasks and would like them to be assigned to the correct user (as assignee), or corresponding customer (as requester), then ensure that you have that user or customer record created in OneDesk first. OneDesk will then link them using the email address as the key. If the user is not already added, OneDesk will create a customer/user if an email address is included in your import file (in the assignee email or customer email columns) and the user/customer does not already exist. 

How to import

Step 1: Click Tools on the top bar.

Step 2: Select Import.

Step 3: Select Tickets/Tasks.

Step 4: Upload the CSV file you wish to import.

Step 5: Map the columns to the appropriate fields. A name is the minimum needed to import. If the default fields do not fit your data, you can create custom fields before importing. When finished mapping, click import. 

Step 6: You are now done importing. You may close the notification window and the import will continue in the background while you work. It may take a few minutes to complete the import. 

If the import button is greyed, ensure that:

1. You have mapped the name field to a column.

2. You have not mapped a field to a column more than once. 

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