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Recovering a Project Scheduled for Deletion

 Projects within OneDesk have a built-in buffer period between when you choose to delete them and when they are actually deleted. When you choose to delete a project, the item will be scheduled for deletion for 7 days. After 7 days have passed, the project will then be permanently removed.

Deleting projects

To delete a project from OneDesk, select the project you wish to delete, and then from the “actions” menu on the left-hand side, select “delete project”.

A menu will open where you can proceed with the deletion by selecting “schedule for deletion”. You can choose to archive the project instead, or you cancel your decision and leave the project unaffected.

If you choose to schedule the project for deletion it will be permanently deleted after 7 days. Any time within this span, you can restore (un-delete) the project. 

Access deleted projects

When you delete a project, the project is removed from your default ‘followed projects’ scope. If you wish to view the deleted project:

  • Select the scope selector at the top of your view panel.
  • Click the bubble at the top right of the menu. A side panel will open.
  • In the side panel select to display ‘scheduled for deletion’.
  • The left scope selector will now display any recently deleted projects.
  • Select 'all projects' or any of the deleted projects in the menu.
  • Your grid will now display the selected deleted projects/items. You can return to ‘followed projects’ by clearing the scope in the breadcrumbs or by returning to the scope selector. 

Restoring a project scheduled for deletion

You can restore a project that is scheduled for deletion at any point before the 7 days inside the archived project are up.

To restore a project scheduled for deletion

  • Navigate to the 'deleted' scope as described above.
  • Select the action icon (three dots)  beside the deleted project.
  • Select “Un-delete project”.

This action will un-schedule it from deletion. The project and all items within it will be restored. 

Please note that once a project has been scheduled for deletion and more than 7 days have passed, the project is now permanently deleted in OneDesk and its information cannot be retrieved.

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