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Deactivating & Reactivating Users or Customers

What is deactivating a user?

A deactivated user is temporarily disabled. The user can no longer login to Onedesk. The user’s profile will appear transparent on the item detail panel and conversation. They will also show as deactivated in the Users app grid. A deactivated user will remain as a follower and assignee on tasks and projects. Deactivated users do not use a user license and can be reactivated. In comparison, when you delete a user, their profile and user settings are permanently deleted and the user is removed as a follower or assignee on all projects and items. 

Deactivated user profile

Why would I deactivate a user?

The benefit of deactivating a user is that the user's information is maintained but they do not require a user license. You can reactivate a user if you want to:

  • Maintain certain information about them (the work they were following or assigned to, or B.)
  • You want to reactivate the user later. For example if employee A is on extended leave, you could deactivate user A. Then if a temporary employee joins they are able to use the employee A's license for the time being.

How to deactivate a user

  • To deactivate a user go to the Users application.
  • Select the three dots beside the desired user and select deactivate.
  • The user will become deactivated. 

How to reactivate a user

You can reactivate a user, allowing them to login and work in OneDesk again. 

  • Go to the Users application.
  • Select the three dots beside the desired user and select Activate. 

(If you are using all your licenses already and reactivate another, you will be prompted to add an additional user. Otherwise you should deactivate another user first).

What is deactivating a customer?

A deactivated customer is temporarily disabled. A deactivated customer can no longer login to the portal or other customer apps which require login. Their customer profile and other information is also maintained. The customer will still be attached to items as followers or requesters. In comparison, a deleted customer's information will be permanently deleted and they will be removed as the follower or requester of any items. 

Deactivate or reactivate a customer

  • To deactivate or activate a customer, go to the customers app.
  • Select the three dots beside the desired customer. 

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