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About On-Premise

What is on-premise?

On-premise refers to the self-installed, self-hosted version of OneDesk. OneDesk on-premise can be installed on your own servers, AWS, or MS Azure. As such, on-premise requires the maintenance of your own infrastructure, data, etc. The on-premise solution is typically used by organizations with specific compliance requirements which require them to host their own data. 

What's the difference between OneDesk cloud and on-premise?


With OneDesk on-premise, you manage your own database, backups, updates, etc. When there is an update available, you will be notified by email. Your team can then update at your own convenience. 

Annual or longer term only

If you setup the software yourself there's no additional fees. Otherwise, on-premise or private cloud licence costs are the same as for our cloud offering, but are only available for annual or longer-term subscriptions. Visit our pricing information.

iOS/Android App

The iOS and Android apps are not available with the on-premise solution. The mobile-friendly apps such as the Knowledgebase, can be used if you wish to utilize your own Google Firebase credentials. 

What are the requirements for OneDesk on-premise?

These are the Hardware Requirements to setup your instance:

  • 1 Linux VM of your choice, that supports rpm files (Recommended: Alma 8, RedHat 8. Other Options: Centos, OracleLinux, OpenSuse, but these have not yet been tested by our team), X86_64 architecture (some parts of our software stack are compatible with ARM64 but not all).
  • minimum 32G of RAM (t3.2xlarge or m5.2xlarge in AWS, Standard_E4_v3 or Standard_D8_v3 in Azure)
  • minimum 60G disk space, recommended 80G
  • opened ports: 443 and 80
  • SSL certificate + associated key  
  • (optional) shared drive / S3 access for DB backups 
  • (optional) opened ports if email server is not provided: 25
  • (optional) Google Firebase credentials -- for mobile-friendly apps (Knowledge Base etc...)

How can I purchase or start using the on-premise version?

If you are new to OneDesk, we recommend trying it out using the cloud version free trial. After evaluation, please submit a request for on-premise with the number of licences you require. We will send you an invoice for the number of users you require. Once you have submitted this request and purchased the licences, we will send you the required files and documents to install on-premise.

If you are already using the cloud version, you can also migrate your existing account to the on-premise version through our paid service. Send your request to the support team.

If you would like to hire us to set it up for you, it is an additional fee. Information is available on our menu of services.

What happens after I purchase OneDesk on-premise?

  • Once your system is set up for the first time, a key will be provided in the account. Send us this key along with other account details, which we will specify. We will then provide you with the license key to activate your other user accounts.
  • Whenever a new update is released, you will be informed via email by our team, and then on your own terms, you can download the file to the appropriate repository, run the update, and restart the software to see those changes.

You can also learn more about the process of deploying on-premise in our blog article