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About Customers

Customers are also referred to as end-users or clients. They can be internal or external to your company, but are typically the individuals you are serving by answering or resolving their tickets, requests, or issues. In OneDesk, customers can make use of any customer-facing applications (the portal, webform, knowledgebase, or live chat) as well as send tickets through email. Customers do not access your main OneDesk application. 

Customers refer to the individuals you interact with. Customers can be within customer organizations. By default, customers are grouped into customer organizations based on their domain names. To learn more see: Customer Organizations.

Access customer details

You can access customer details in the 'Customers' application. From the left side bar navigate to More Applications > Customers. Double click to open a customer's profile (detail panel). 

From the customer profile you can input additional details such as the customer's phone number, address, or title. You are also able to drill down to that customer's tickets, tasks, conversations, and more. These KPIs link to the relevant information. 

Creating customers

Customers are created automatically the first time they send you an email (their name and email is captured). You can also create a customer manually or add multiple customers through import. 

To create a new customer, click the 'Add' button in the top bar and select Customer. Add the desired details. At minimum, you need an email address to create the customer profile. 

For importing customers, see: Importing Customers