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Cloning Tasks & Projects

OneDesk lets you clone tasks, tickets, and projects. Cloning can help you save time when creating work. When cloning, you can select which properties are copied over to the new item. 

How to tickets or tasks

  • Click on the action menu (...) next to the item or project you wish to clone. (Check off multiple items to clone more than one item at a time).
  • Hover over More Options.
  • Click Clone Item(s)
  • Select the properties from the list you wish to copy over.
  • Click Clone.

How to clone a project

  • Click on the action menu (...) next to the project you wish to clone. (Check off multiple projects to clone more than one at a time).
  • Click Clone Project(s). The 'new project' window will open. 
  • The field 'project to copy from' will be pre-populated with the project(s) you selected.
  • Click ‘show template options to choose which properties you want to clone from the original project to the new one(s). (Your preferences are saved next time). 
  • If you are only cloning one project you can give it a name. Otherwise the projects will be called 'Copy of [project name]'.
  • Optionally fill in other project details (start date, portfolio, etc.)

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