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Sharing with Customers & Customer Organizations

You can share tickets, tasks, and other items with your customers in 3 ways: either by sharing a project, by only sharing the items they are following, or a combination of both.

You share a project with a customer or customer organization by adding them as followers. This allows your customers to view and collaborate on their requested tickets or tasks in the customer application.

Important: The items visible in the portal are dependent on the settings you configured on your customer app.

For details please see the article on Portal Visibility Settings

Add customer as a follower on an item

Customers are automatically followers on items they have submitted. To alter this or to add an additional customer to an item:

Step 1: Go to the item detail panel.

Step 2: Under Requesters & Followers select Add under Customers. 


Share a project with a customer


Option A

Step 1: Select the ‘project scope selector’ located on the top left panel.

Step 2: Click the ‘share’ icon next to the project you wish to share. 


Step 3: Select the customer(s) to share with by clicking ‘Add’ 


Option B

Step 1: From any of the main apps (Tickets, Tasks, Projects), select the ‘Action icon’ (three dots) next to any project.

Step 2: Select ‘Share Projects’


Step 3: Select the customer(s) and which project to share with them by selecting ‘Add’



View which projects a customer (or organization) has access to


Step 1: Navigate to the Customers application on the left panel.

Step 2: Select a customer or organization to view the customer/organization profile

Step 3: Select ‘Manage Projects’ 

Here you will see all projects currently shared with the individual customer/organization. You can also share individual projects with a customer/organization from this screen.

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