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Automations for Items Submitted on the Customer Portal

Workflow automations are a tool in OneDesk which help streamline operations by automatically carrying out set actions on your items in response to a certain trigger being met. Workflow automations can be run on tickets, tasks, timesheets, and projects. Automations can additionally be filtered to apply only to items which are submitted by various methods, such as by email, the Customer Portal, Webforms, and more.

Accessing Workflow Automations

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To view any existing automations and to create your own, navigate to More Applications -> Administration -> Automations.

Selecting “Create Workflow Automation” brings you to the creation screen. Here you can select what items the automations runs on, what triggers the automation, and what action the automation will take when the trigger is fulfilled.

Creating Automations for Customer Portal Tickets: An Example

Let’s make an automation which only runs on tickets submitted on the Customer Portal. We’ll have this automation send an email to a specific user in our company letting them know that a new ticket has been created via the Customer Portal. 

In your ticket settings, create a new workflow automation, and in the “Runs On” section, select “Tickets” and filter such that the source is the Customer Portal. The trigger will be “Item is Created”, and our action will be to send an email template to the required user. The final automations looks like this:

Saving this automation will make it active - emails will be sent to the specified user for any new tickets from the Customer Portal.

Using the filter tool for your automations is the easiest way to specify where the automation applies. With filters, you can have automations only applied to your items in the required circumstances.

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