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Reopening Closed Items

Sometimes tickets and tasks which you have marked as closed are still the subject of discussion or need new work done on them, and need to be reopened. In this situation, there are several ways you can reopen closed items in OneDesk, either manually or through automations.

Manually Reopening a Closed Item

If a ticket or task has been closed, you can access its detail panel and manually set its lifecycle status to open, or another status. To do this, navigate to the closed item’s detail panel and select its lifecycle status to open a dropdown of available statuses:

Selecting “Configure statuses” brings you to the status customization options for the specific item type you are currently inside. You can edit existing statuses or create new ones, as well as set certain statuses to prompt you to complete certain fields. More on managing statuses and validation on status change.

Automatically Reopening a Closed Ticket: Example

If you want closed tickets to reopen automatically when a specific change is made to them after being set as closed, you can utilize workflow automations. Workflow automations allow you to automatically make changes to your items in OneDesk in response to certain triggers being met. Automations can be run on tickets, tasks, timesheets, and projects.

Let’s make an automation which will set a resolved ticket’s lifecycle status to “Reopened” whenever a new message is added to the ticket. Navigate to More Applications -> Administration -> Tickets and scroll to the “Workflow Automations” section. Choose to create a new automation, and fill out what items the automation runs on, what triggers the automation, and what action the automation will take once triggered.

Under “Runs on”, select tickets and filter such that the tickets have lifecycle status of “Resolved”. The trigger, then, will be when a new message is added. The action will be to change the lifecycle status to “Reopened” - a custom lifecycle status we created. The final automation looks like this:

Save the automation, and now whenever a resolved ticket has a message added, the ticket will be reopened.

You can modify this automation as you wish to automatically reopen your tickets in response to a variety of triggers. Similar automations can be created for your tasks and projects as well to change their lifecycle statuses to your needs.

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