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Create Projects Automatically

OneDesk can help you save time by allowing you to create projects automatically whenever a specified event occurs. You can specify what criteria must be met in order to trigger the automation. When the event is triggered, automation can generate a new project based on a project template in your OneDesk.

How to automatically create a project

Step 1: On the bottom left, select More Applications -->Administration.

Step 2: Select Tickets or Tasks. (Note: The ability to select which item type you want the automation to run on is available within both of these menu options.)

Step 3: Scroll down to Workflow Automations and select Create Workflow Automation.

Step 4: Select what item type you want the automation to run on as well as any further filter conditions for the item. 

Step 5: Click Add Trigger Condition Or Schedule to choose the condition that must be met in order for a new project to be created.

Step 6: Click on Add Action and select Create Project from the drop down menu. 

Step 7: Next, select the properties of the new project. You can choose to copy the project name, description, portfolio, and sharing preferences by selecting Copy from triggering item, or set your specifications by selecting Set and clicking Insert Property.

Step 8: Select project template to clone from the drop down next to Clone Items from A Project Template. The project you select will be the template for the new automated project.

Step 9: Click Apply and then Save. 

Example Use Case :

Project automation is useful for a company that has smaller service projects which tend to follow similar steps, for example, the creation of a new document or web page. For instance, create a new type of task, let's call it 'New Webpage.’ In the workflow automations, create a new automation which runs on this item. Whenever this task type is created, generate a new project based on previous webpage creation projects. This automation will automatically generate and route the tasks as they exist in the template project.