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The Activities app in OneDesk serves as a history of actions performed in your account. The activities app is located under, More Applications > Analytics > Activities tab. Here you can see changes made by users, customers, automations or changes made by the system based on a previous activity. 

This article serves as an overview and explanation of the different activity types for reference. Particularly, this list is meant for use with the OneDesk Public API and the filter/get activities call.

Here are all activities with brief descriptions where necessary:

% complete updated - The percentage complete property was changed. 

actual finish date updated  

actual start date updated  

actual work updated 

added a Customer Reply  - A customer reply was sent. 

added a Internal message - An internal message was sent. 

added a link to an item - A ‘linked item’ was added to another item. 

added a team assignment - A team was assigned to an item

added an assignee - A user was assigned to an item

added an attachment - A file was attached to an item

added follower - A follower was added to an item. 

added project follower - A follower was added to a project.

agile points capacity updated - The agile point capacity was updated on a project

agile points updated - The agile points on an item was updated.

assigned to SLA - The item had an SLA applied to it. 

attachment(s) removed - A file was removed from the item.

changed a Customer Reply - A customer reply was edited. 

changed a Internal message  - An internal message was edited. 

changed the SLA -   The SLA was changed or edited. 

create invoice 

created portfolio 

created project

created user 

created work item - A new ticket/task/feature was created. 

custom field updated

deactivated user - A user account was deactivated.

deleted portfolio 

deleted project 

deleted user

deleted work item - A ticket/task/feature was deleted. 

description updated - The description field was updated. 

first name updated - The first name of a user or customer was changed. 

email sent

last name updated - The last name of a user or customer was changed. 

lifecycle status updated

logged in

logged out

name updated

number of user licenses updated

planned constraint date updated

planned constraint type updated

planned cost updated

planned duration amount updated

planned duration unit updated

planned estimated revenue updated

planned finish date updated

planned start date updated

planned work amount updated

planned work unit updated

priority updated

project archived

project planned start date updated

project privacy updated  - The 'discoverability' of a project was changed. 

project updated

reactivated user

removed a Customer Reply A message was deleted from a customer conversation. 

removed a Internal message - A message was deleted from an internal conversation. 

removed a link to an item - A 'linked item' was removed from another item. 

removed a team assignment - A previously assigned team was unassigned from an item.

removed an assignee  - A previously assigned user was unassigned from an item.

removed follower

removed project follower - A user / customer was removed as a follower of the project (un-shared). 

scheduled for deletion - A item/project was scheduled for deletion (objects are deleted after 7 days). 

sent email

removed the custom field

type updated -  The item / project / portfolio type was changed.

update invoice

update organization financial - The cost / Invoice calculation rates were changed. 

updated remaining prepaid hours - The prepaid hours on a customer organization were changed. 

user joined project

user left project