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Logo and Color

Company logo

You can set the logo for your company from  Administration >> Company Preferences.

The suggested size is 240px by 70px, otherwise the logo will appear stretched. 

Your company logo appears (by default) on:

  • The splash page of your web widget application.
  • The top of the full-screen customer apps - knowledgebase, customer-facing forms, live chat messenger, mobile-friendly portals. (Can be configured independently from Administration Settings. See related articles). 
  • The header of outgoing emails.
  • At the top of invoices (in the preview link and link sent to customers).

Example of logo as it appears in the knowledgebase


You can change the colors of your customer-facing applications (knowledgebase, portal, webforms, live chat).

For complete details see: 

Note: You cannot change the color or logo of the main (user-facing) OneDesk application. 

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