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Live Chat Support

OneDesk includes live chat support, allowing you to support your customers in real-time. The live chat messenger is customer-facing and can be added to your website via the web widget. Your customers can ask questions and include attachments when messaging you. You can also customize your live chat personalization settings such as color or welcome greetings. 

For Users - The internal Messenger app

OneDesk centralizes all your communications in the OneDesk Messenger. The Messenger, is the app within your main OneDesk web app, accessed on the left side panel, indicated by the chat bubble icon. Live chat messages from your customers will be found in this app. The messenger contains all communications, both current and past, and categorizes them to allow you to easily find the conversations you need or are involved in. You can also link conversations to tickets or tasks from within the OneDesk Messenger app.

The messenger will contain both live chat messages from customers as well as new messages received by email or portal. Messages created from email or portal will be automatically linked to a ticket. 

Live chat messages on the other hand will not be linked to any item. You can think of them as independent messages. This way you can respond to the customer without creating a ticket.

You can create ticket from the live chat message if desired. Click the three dots located below 'customer replies'. 

See also: Creating tickets from conversations

To respond to a customer, simply type your response into the message box and click 'Send Message' when you are done. 

For Customers - Communicating in the Live Chat (Widget) Messenger

Customers can communicate with you through the live chat. You can put the chat widget on your website or support page. This app serves as a fast way for your customers to ask questions and receive answers. Like the other chat functionalities OneDesk offers, the Messenger app allows files to be attached and for multiple conversations to be viewed with the “Previous Conversations” button. Messages sent through the widget will appear inside OneDesk’s internal messenger application for users to answer.

For information on adding customer apps to your website see: Adding Customer Apps to your Website

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