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Validation on Status Change (Prompt to Complete)

What is validation on status change?

Validation on status change or “Prompt to Complete” is a setting that can be applied to a ticket or task’s lifecycle status. The validation on status change applies a rule to the specified lifecycle status. The rule will prompt or require an individual to perform an action (or actions) before the lifecycle status can be changed. For example, you can set a validation that prompts an individual to complete a timesheet before the task is set to complete. 

Create a validation on status change

You can apply a validation on status change to any ticket or task lifecycle status including your custom statuses

To create a new validation, click on More Applications > Administration > Tickets/Tasks > Manage Statuses. 

In the popup window click the icon under “Prompt to Complete” next to the status you want to create a validation for. For instance, if you want your team to complete a field before the status is set to “in progress” you would select the prompt to complete next to that status.

Select which fields you want to prompt a user to complete before the status change.

You can select multiple fields for prompt including custom fields you have configured.  (If you don't see a custom field in the menu, it is because the field has not been made visible on the ticket/task detail panel. You can add the field to the ticket/task in Admin > Tickets/Tasks > Detail Panel Properties > Add another property to the detail panel)

For example, below I set the prompts of “Timesheets” and “Completion” for the “Closed” status.

Using validation on status change

Now when the user attempts to change the lifecycle status, a prompt will appear warning the user and highlighting the required fields. 

For example below I attempt to change my task to complete. The prompt displays a red warning and highlights the necessary fields before the status can be changed.


Note: The field only needs to be filled out. You cannot select specific criteria to be added into the field. For example, if you select “Completion,” any completion percentage can be used to validate the status. In other words, you cannot require the completion to be 100%.

This nuance applies to fields with default values. For example if your custom field has a default value the status can be completed without a user filling out the field. 

Note: It is possible to change a status without generating a prompt, such as with automations. For example the automation: Changing any task to 100% complete -> change status state to "Finish will change the status regardless of whether the validated field is completed. 

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