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Work Audit: Tracking User Activity

OneDesk lets you audit work with access to a full-trail transparent history of events and changes in you account. Get visibility to ticket, task, or projects updates, external and internal communications, work automations, user logins, and more. Administrators can audit work of all activities done within OneDesk. Users can view their own activity trail as well as activities completed on an item level.

Viewing Activities - In the Detail Panel

An individual item (ticket, task, project) has its own activity log under the 'Activities' tab of its detail panel. This activity log displays the history of changes made to that specific item,

This is where you would want to go if something has changed in an individual ticket or task and you want to see who has changed it and what has been changed.

To access the item's activity log, double click the item of interest to access its detail panel, and then select the 'Activities' tab on the right-hand side.

You will see the icon of the user which has made the activity, what activity was performed, and details about the activity. For example, we see that the activity at the very top is an automated message added from our organization’s bot account thanking the requester for submitting the ticket.

Viewing Activities - The Activities Application

If you need to look at all activities in your OneDesk account, the Activities application is the place to do it. To access the Activities application, go to more applications -> analytics -> activities.

The Activities application shows everything that is going on inside OneDesk. You can see the date the action was performed, who or what performed the action, the modified item, the old and new values, and more. Selecting the three dots in the “Actions” column gives you the option of jumping to the specific item’s detail panel.

As an example of tracing activities, take the activity at the top of the screenshot. Automation A23 has added a customer reply to the ticket “Webform” notifying the requester of a change in ticket status. We can then go to our ticket automations at more applications -> administration -> tickets -> workflow automations and inspect automation A23 as needed.

Changing Who Can See the Activities Application

Administrator accounts can restrict non-administrators from accessing the Activities application. To change a non-administrator account’s access to this application, go to more applications -> users -> double click the user whose permissions you want to change, and then tab to “Permissions & Notifications”.

Changing access to the Analytics application from “Full Access” to “Limited Access” will prevent the user from seeing and using the Analytics application, therefore hiding the Activities application inside as well.

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