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Using Saved Replies

Saved replies are pre-written responses. Insert a saved reply into a conversation to more quickly and thoroughly answer common questions. Insert replies from the message action menu. You can still edit replies before sending it to a customer.

Insert a reply

Access the quick search menu, from the action icon in the message box. You can access the quick search from the messenger app or the conversation tab of tickets/tasks.

Pinned replies will appear in the menu upon opening.

If the reply you need is not pinned, you can search for it by name in the search bar.

Insert the reply by hovering and clicking the insert reply icon. 

Tip: When searching, you can also pin replies by hovering and clicking the pin icon. The reply will now be in the pinned list of the quick search. You can also pin replies (or articles) from your Knowledge Center app. (See: The Knowledge Center)

Using the Knowledge Library 

If you can’t find your reply in the search, want to browse through replies, or create a new reply, you should use the full Knowledge Library. 

Select Browse Full Knowledge library from the quick search menu.

  • Browse through your full list of replies (or articles from the articles tab).
  • Select the eye icon to preview the full reply text. 
  • Insert the reply by clicking the 'insert' icon beside the desired reply. 
  • Create a new reply from the Knowledge Library by selecting 'Create New Reply' from the top left.

For more on managing replies see: Create & Edit Replies 

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