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Tickets Portal (MFA)

What is the tickets portal?

A tickets portal is a type of customer portal. There are two portal types in OneDesk, 'MFA' and 'Classic.' The tickets portal is the ‘MFA’ type. You can learn about the differences in this article. The tickets portal is a tool for your customers, clients, or end-users. It allows them to login to view properties of tickets, add information or attachments, and send messages. 

Note: The tickets portal will only show tickets. If you want to give your customers access to tasks, see: Tasks Portal

Tickets portal

Enable / create a tickets portal

The tickets portal is enabled by default in new accounts. You can find your tickets portal settings or open the portal by going to Administration > ‘Tickets’ (or the custom name of your portal). 

Or view your portal from Your profile > Customer Apps > Tickets (or custom name of your portal).

If portal is disabled 

If you do not see a ticket portal, it may be disabled or deleted in your account.

To enable go to Admin > Customer Apps > toggle on Show Hidden Applications.

If the tickets portal is disabled, it will now appear in the list.

Toggle the Tickets portal to 'enabled.' The tickets portal settings will now appear in the left admin sidebar and you can now view the portal from your profile dropdown.

If portal was deleted

If the portal did not appear in the list when you selected ‘show hidden apps’, that is because it has been deleted in your account. You can create a new tickets portal:

  • To create, go to Admin > Customer Apps > select Create Customer App. 
  • Give the portal a name (such as tickets portal). For the 'Type of Customer App' select Tickets Portal. 
  • Click Create. 
  • The tickets portal settings now appear on the left sidebar of your admin panel. You can now open the portal from your profile dropdown menu. 

How do my customers access the portal?

You can provide customers a link, such as from your website or in an email. You can have the portal in the web widget which can be embedded on your site. You can also embed the portal into your webpage.

For more details see: Adding the apps to your site

What can customers see/do on the portal?

By default, customers must log in to view tickets in the tickets portal. Once logged in, customers are able to see their own requested tickets. As well, by default customers are able to edit the properties of the ticket after submission. 

You can configure the permissions and visibility of the tickets portal in admin settings. For details see Ticket Portal Permission & Visibility

Tickets portal branding / appearance 

You can configure the name, colors, logo, and side panel filters of your tickets portal. For details see: Setting the Look of Your Tickets Portal

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