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Integrate with Wix

Add the OneDesk widget to your Wix site. The OneDesk widget allows your customers and prospects to interact with your team, log requests, and receive support using the customer applications. Add any or all the customer apps you want – live-chat, portal, ticket forms, and/or knowledgebase.

What does the Wix integration do?

The integration allows you to put the OneDesk web widget on your Wix site. Customers can use the widget to send live chat messages, login to the portal, submit tickets via forms, and/or find answers in the knowledgebase. Any messages or tickets from your customers can be answered in OneDesk, keeping communication centralized. 

How to add the web widget to your Wix site

Part 1: Copy the widget code snippet

  • Login to your OneDesk account. 
  • Go to Administration >> Customer Apps >> Mobile-Friendly App Settings.
  • Click 'Generate Snippet' and copy the code in the window. 

Part 2: Add the snippet to your Wix site

(Requires a paid version of Wix)

  • Go to your website management page on Wix (manage.wix.com).
  • Select 'Settings' on the bottom left sidebar.

  • Under ‘Advanced’ select custom code.

  • Select ‘Add Custom Code’.

  • Paste the JavaScript code you copied in part one.

  • Under the ‘Place the code’ section select ‘Body-Start’.
  • Click ‘Apply’.

The web widget bubble will now appear on your pages. Customers can click the bubble to open the widget and use any customer apps you add to the widget. You can make changes to customer apps and widget appearance from your OneDesk administration settings. You will not need to make further changes to your site in order to configure these settings (see related articles).

Note: You may need to delete the ChatBox that comes with Wix by default. To do so, go the Wix website editor.

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