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Archiving and Unarchiving Tickets, Tasks, Projects

In OneDesk, tickets, tasks, projects, and articles can be archived to remove them from your view. These items are still accessible in case they are needed in the future. When you archive a project, all tickets, tasks, and other item types contained inside it will become archived. When an individual ticket/task/article is archived it is moved into an ‘archival project’. An archival project is a special project versioned by year, i.e. ‘Archived Items (2023)’.  There is no limit to the number of items you can archive. 

How to archive an item (ticket/task/article)

  • Click the action icon (three dots) beside the desired item. 
  • Select “archive”.
  • The item will be removed from your view. It will be moved out of its original project and into an 'archival project.'

Archival Projects vs. Archived Projects

When an item is archived in OneDesk it is moved into what is called an archival project. This project is named “Archived Items (current year)”, and will contain items such as tickets and tasks which are archived separately from any projects they belong to.

Archived projects, on the other hand, are projects which have been archived entirely. All items inside these projects will also be archived when their parent project is archived. These projects do not get added to the “Archived Items (current year)” archival project.

For example, let’s say we have a project titled “Consulting projects 2022” with two tickets inside - Ticket 1 and Ticket 2. If we archived Ticket 1, then Consulting projects 2022 will continue to exist unchanged, but with only Ticket 2 inside. Ticket 1 will be archived into the “Archived Items (2022)” archival project.

If we archived Consulting projects 2022 instead, the entire project will disappear from view, containing both Ticket 1 and Ticket 2. Since Consulting projects 2022 is a project, it will not be moved into Archived Items (2022), and will instead exist separately along-side the archival project.

Accessing archived items/projects

  • Open the project scope selector. (Top left in your views panel).
  • Click the 'Followed projects' bubble. A side panel will open. 
  • In the 'Display projects' side panel, select 'Archived'. The project scope selector will now display only any archived and archival projects. 
  • From the scope selector, select which archived/archival project(s) you wish to display in your grid. 'All projects' will display all archived/archival projects.  

When you are finished in the archived project scope, return to active followed projects by click 'x' in the breadcrumbs. 

Restore an archived item/project

  • Enter the archived project scope as described above. 
  • To restore a project or item, click the action icon and select ‘Restore’. 
  • The item/project will be removed from your current view and be un-archived.

OneDesk will attempt to restore the item to whatever project it belonged to prior to being archived. If the original parent project has been deleted or archived itself, the item will default to the “outside of projects” section in its specific application inside OneDesk.

(Note: 'Archival projects' cannot be restored).

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