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Communicating with Users & Teams

OneDesk lets you keep in touch with your users and teams to ensure you are all working on the same page. The messenger application in OneDesk centralizes all incoming communications so you never miss any messages. 


Communicate with your team or customers through the OneDesk Messenger, accessible on the lower left.

On the left side bar of the Messenger you can access communication with customers or other users. (The customers section can be hidden in the messenger. See User Notifications

Some conversations are attached to items (tickets, tasks, or projects). You can see whether an item is linked, and what item is linked based on the icon in the list and at the top of the conversation.

If an item is not already linked to a conversation you can either: Link the conversation to an existing item, or create a new ticket or task from the conversation. The conversation will be maintained and will appear on the detail panel of the item. To link or create an item select the 'action icon' (three dots) at the top of the conversation. 

You can create a new conversation with a user (or customer) from the Add menu on the top bar. Conversations created this way are unlinked by default. You can however choose to create or link an item to it after creating the conversation. 

In-context Messaging

You can also start conversations directly on the detail panel of tickets/tasks/projects. This way you’ll have all the information you need to optimize your communication. It doesn’t matter if another user responds via the Messenger, as communication is synced across channels. 

Select 'Create a new conversation' from the conversation tab of the item's detail panel. You can select the conversation to be a 'customer reply' or 'internal message.' Customer replies will send to any customers following the item. Internal messages are sent only to the users following the message. Customers will not see internal messages, even in the customer portal.  Tip: You can @ mention users to add them to the conversation.

Mobile App

The OneDesk mobile app is available on iOS and Android. Communicate with your team or customers through the messenger as well as directly within tickets, tasks, and projects, all from your phone. 

Notifications & Emails

Set notifications and emails to make sure your users stay up-to-date and on task. Send emails about assignment changes or when a new message is posted. See the related articles for detailed information.

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