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Docking an Item's Detail Panel to Your Screen

You can dock an item’s detail panel to your screen for ease-of-access inside OneDesk. If you need to be looking at many item’s detail panels, docking the detail panel will prevent you from having to open all the items in their own tabs.

How to Dock the Detail Panel

To dock the detail panel to your screen inside OneDesk, access any application other than the Messenger or Administration settings, and select the “Tools” button at the top of the screen. Select “Dock detail panels on right”.

Now when you select an item, its detail panel appears on the right side of your screen.

Using the Docked Detail Panel

Once you have docked the detail panel, you can change any fields inside the selected item without going into a new tab inside OneDesk. Scrolling down inside the docked detail panel lets you access the tabs which are normally on the right side of the full-screen detail panel: conversations, timesheets, activities, and subtasks & links.

When you select a new item in your grid view, the docked panel will update to reflect that item. Additionally, in the top-right corner of the docked detail panel you can run macros and access the item’s “Actions” menu.

Selecting “Close” will close and undock the detail panel. To dock the detail panel again, check its box from the “Tools” button as before.

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