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Routing Incoming Tickets From Customer Organizations

Tickets are contained in projects or the section called 'Outside of Projects'. When tickets get submitted by your customers into OneDesk, they get sent to the “Outside of Projects” container if not otherwise specified. There is a default automation which will create a project, explained below. You can change where tickets get sent through the use of routing automations. A common method is to route based on which customer organization the ticket was sent. 

The default routing automation

For new accounts inside OneDesk, the following routing automation already exists and is enabled:

This automation will run on any item which gets created by a customer account into your OneDesk account. When a customer submits a ticket to you, for example, this automation will automatically create a project titled “Submitted by [Customer Organization]” and the ticket will be placed inside this project instead of the “Outside of Projects” sections. Now all items submitted by this customer organization will land in this project.

See below for an example of how this looks in the “By Customer” view in the Projects application:

Creating routing automations

If the above routing automation is not already created or enabled in your account, navigate to More Applications > Administration > Automations and select “Create Workflow Automations” in the workflow automations section. Fill out the automation as pictured above and select “Save”. It will be automatically enabled and begin running on any new item inside OneDesk.

Editing and Creating New Routing Automations

You can edit, or create entirely new routing automation as needed by your specific organization. Let’s say you have two ticket types enabled: tickets and questions. You only want tickets created by an external organization to fall into the project “Submitted by [Customer Organization]”, and you want questions to go into a general project you have created titled “Incoming Questions”.

In your workflow automations section of your Tickets application, edit the default routing automation to run only on tickets instead of any item type. This means only tickets will go into the project “Submitted by [Customer Organization]” - other items types will end up in the “Outside of Projects” section when they are created.

Next, create a new workflow automation which runs on questions such that when a new question is created, the action is to change the project to “Incoming Questions”.

Now we have two routing automations. One which runs on tickets and routes them to a project based on the customer organization, and another which runs on questions and routes them to a single project regardless of customer organization.

There are many more possibilities to route items based on customer organizations and other filters. OneDesk maintains a list of useful automations which provide examples of what you can do with workflow automations.

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