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Email Integration - Custom IMAP

OneDesk offers email integration to :

  • Connect an O365/Gmail account directly via OAuth/App Password - Receives emails as tickets and sends replies from the same connected inbox.
  • Auto Forward an inbox -  Receive incoming emails as tickets in OneDesk.
  • Connect a custom mailbox via SMTP (Basic Auth) - Sends outgoing through the connected custom SMTP.
  • Connect custom mailbox via IMAP (Basic Auth) - Receives incoming emails through a custom IMAP channel. 

(This article focuses on connecting IMAP for incoming emails. For more on the email to ticket flow overall, see: Email Flow)

IMAP (Internet Message Access Protocol) is an email retrieval and storage protocol, which syncs with the servers. IMAP allows a synchronization between the email client and your OneDesk account. In other words, you can receive tickets into your OneDesk account from your connected email account via the IMAP protocol. To send outgoing emails on your tickets you can either use OneDesk’s servers or connect your own custom SMTP

Set up a custom incoming channel via IMAP

  • Go to Administration >> Emails >> Settings
  • Locate the section Incoming Email / Queues
  • Click Add Incoming Email and Select ‘Link Custom IMAP (Basic Auth)’
  • Fill in the required fields found in the popup window. 
  • Click Save.
  • The connected email will appear in your incoming queues list. 
  • Under the 'Action' column click the check email health icon to test if connection was successful. 

You may need to consult your email provider for the server hostname, port, etc. 

Here is an example based on a Gmail account IMAP:

Server hostname = imap.gmail.com

Servername = your account email (mysupport@example.xom)

Imap password = gmail app password (See: How to Create a Gmail App Password)

IMAP port = 993 SSL