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Changing Lifecycle Status as a Customer

Changing the lifecycle of your tickets and tasks can either be done internally within OneDesk, or by your customers. Customers can change an item’s lifecycle status either manually or through the use of automations, such as sending a keyword which will automatically close a ticket.

Changing Lifecycle Status as a Customer: On the Portal

The Customer Portal is a customer’s one-stop-shop for submitting items and seeing details about items they have submitted to your organization. Customers can see the items you are working on for them, as well as see attachments sent in the items and participate in conversations.

A customer can manually change an item’s lifecycle status on the portal if two conditions are met: The customer is a requester of the item, and the “Lifecycle Status” property is enabled for relevant customer webforms.

Customers will automatically be marked as an item’s requester if they are the one who submitted the item. To mark a customer as a requester who did not submit the item, access the specific item inside OneDesk and add the customer as a follower in the “Requesters and Followers” section of the detail panel. Hover over the added customer and select the arrow, and then select to change the customer to a requester.

Once a customer is a requester, they can edit items on the portal by accessing the item they wish to edit and selecting the “Edit” button:

The editing menu is the same as the webform for the specific item type (tickets in this example). Any enabled properties on the webform will be editable by the customer:

To enable the lifecycle status to be changed, add it as a property for your webforms from inside OneDesk. Navigate to More Applications -> Administration -> Webforms, and expand/create the webform of the item you wish to edit. Select to add a property and choose “Lifecycle Status”.

The “Lifecycle Status” field will appear on ticket webforms now, and the customer will see this as an option when editing existing tickets on the portal:

Changing Lifecycle Status as a Customer: Using Automations

Workflow automations are a powerful tool in OneDesk which can streamline your activities. Automations are easy to set up - just choose what items they run on, what the trigger is, and what action is taken when the trigger is met.

While your customers do not have access to the main OneDesk application and cannot create their own automations, you can create automations which run based on messages they send to change the lifecycle status of your items.

As an example, let’s create an automation for tickets that closes the ticket upon receiving the message “#closeticket”. In More Applications -> Administration -> Tickets, create a new workflow automation which runs on tickets where the last message sent is “#closeticket”. Set the trigger to be when the message is added, and the action to be changing the lifecycle status to closed.

Now customers can close tickets by sending the specified phrase.

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