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Create Subtasks From a Newly Created Ticket

Subtasks are full-featured tasks which have a relationship to their parent ticket/task. Subtasks are commonly used to break up work. For example, you might use subtasks to designate work that needs to be done before a ticket can be closed. Or, you might use subtasks to assign parts of a complex task to multiple people. 

This article discusses how to set up an automation to create multiple subtasks upon the creation of a ticket. 

A common purpose of this automation is to create a ‘checklist’ of required tasks when certain requests are submitted.  

The automation will create a subtask upon creation of the ticket. To create multiple subtasks, you will need to create multiple actions within the automation. 

Note: You can alternatively clone a template project upon creation of a ticket. If you want to create multiple tasks, this may be a more suitable option.  See: Creating Projects Automatically 

How to automatically create subtasks from a ticket

  • Head to Administration > Automation Center >  and click 'Create Workflow Automation'.
  • Choose the automation to run on a ticket.
  • Select 'Add filter' to narrow down which tickets the automation will take action on.  What filter you add depends on your goals/workflow. For example,  you can  filter based on ‘ticket type’, 'requester', or ‘name’ (title).   
  • The trigger condition dictates when the automation will run. For this automation, typically it will be ‘item is created’.
  • For the Action, select 'Create item.' In the options, be sure to select ‘Yes’ for ‘Make subtask of triggered item’.   For type, select Task (if your select ticket a ‘sub-ticket’ will be created instead).  You will also want to set the 'Item Name' and 'Item Description'.  Others properties can be configured depending on your preference.  Click 'Apply'.

  • If you want to create more than one subtask, click 'Add Action'. Select 'Create Item'. Configure the properties as above. Repeat for each desired subtask. 

(Note: No there is no guarantee on the order of automation actions, so subtasks may not be created in the same order as you added them. However they can be reorder manually). 


The automation below will create two subtasks when a ticket is created with the name 'onboarding'.

(Note: name corresponds to the title of the ticket or the subject line of the email). 

Resulting creation:

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