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Mobile-Friendly OneDesk (Mobile Browser Application)

In addition to the main desktop application and the customer apps, a OneDesk account includes access to the Mobile Friendly OneDesk (MFOD). The Mobile Friendly OneDesk works the same way as the mobile OneDesk app, but the two are accessed differently - the app is installed on your phone, and the Mobile Friendly OneDesk through a mobile browser.

Accessing the Mobile Friendly OneDesk

On your mobile device, open a mobile browser application such as Google Chrome, and navigate to app.onedesk.com.

Select “Login” as normal and fill out the same credentials you use to log into the desktop version of OneDesk.

Navigating Around the Mobile Friendly OneDesk

After logging in, you are inside the Mobile Friendly OneDesk application in your mobile browser.

Access an item’s detail panel by tapping on the desired item, and switch applications through the menu at the bottom of the screen. Available applications are Tickets, Tasks, Messenger, and Forms when inside the MFOD as a user.

You can additionally view notifications, and edit your profile and view filters with the hamburger menu in the top-right.

Creating Items in the Mobile Friendly OneDesk

To create items inside the MFOD, select “More” from the applications at the bottom of the screen, and choose the Forms application. You are prompted to choose an item to create from your enabled item types - changed in the desktop OneDesk application.

Let’s create a task. Fill out the creation form and select “Create”. The task now appears in the Tasks application to be worked on.

Working on Items in the Mobile Friendly OneDesk

Items can be updated directly from their detail panel. Let’s update the lifecycle status of a task. Tap on the task you wish to change to access its detail panel, and select its lifecycle status dropdown.

Let’s select “In progress”. The task now reflects our updated status. 

Additional changes can easily be made to your items in the detail panel. You can rename the item, change its percent complete, priority, add followers, attachments, and more. 

Communicating in the Mobile Friendly OneDesk: On Items

You can create and participate in conversations in the MFOD much the same as the desktop application or mobile app. To create a new conversation in an item, scroll down to the “Conversations” tab at the bottom of the detail panel and select the “+” button.

You can then choose the visibility of your conversation between a customer reply or an internal message. Customer replies are messages the customer can see, whereas internal messages are only visible from internally in OneDesk. Add other followers to the conversation with the “+”, and attach items through either the paperclip icon, or the cloud upload option.

Once you send the message, followers will be notified and any responses will appear under the corresponding conversation in the item and in the Messenger application.

Communicating in the Mobile Friendly OneDesk: The Messenger App

The MFOD’s Messenger application holds all messages on conversations you are following. You will receive a notification when a new message is added. Check out OneDesk’s article on notifications for how notifications get sent to users and customers.

Access existing conversations by selecting the chat boxes in the list, or create new conversations by typing in your message in the text box. You can add followers and attachments in the same way as when sending a message from the item’s detail panel.

Submitting Timesheets in the Mobile Friendly OneDesk

In addition to the changes you can make on the detail panel, you can submit timesheets on your items from the Mobile Friendly OneDesk application. Timesheets can either be added manually, or submitted by running a timer.

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