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Service Types

What are service types? 

If you bill based on different products or services, the service type feature of OneDesk would be useful for you. You can set rates and charge for time based on the type of services you perform. Service types can also be used to add more detail or categorization of work performed or billed to your client. 

Service types are a property available on tickets, tasks, and timesheets. All tickets/tasks/timesheets have a service type. The service type of a ticket/task will be set to your ‘default’ upon creation, unless otherwise configured. The service type of a timesheet will be the same as its ticket/task unless otherwise configured. 

Note: Services types are not the same as ticket/task types, see Item Types for details. 

Summary of service type features:

  • Categorize your timesheets based on the performed service.
  • Categorize a ticket/task based on your services.
  • Set hourly rates for different services.
  • Bill for time based on your services.

Create new service types

To create a new service type, go to Admin > Financials > Service Types > select ‘Add / Manage Service Types’. 

In the popup, type your service name and hit enter.

Close the window when you are done. 

Edit / delete a service type

You cannot edit a service type. If you made a mistake, delete the service type and create a new one. Note that if you delete a service type, any timesheets with this type will be retroactively set to your default type. 

Set default service type

To set a default service type, go to Admin > Financials > Service Types > click Add / Manage Service Types. Select the desired default under ‘Set as Default’. 

New tickets/tasks/timesheet will be set to this service type unless otherwise specified.

Using service types

Categorize timesheets/work

(If you do not see the service types on your timesheet form/detail panel see the section below).

Typically you will categorize the service performed when submitting timesheets.

Click 'Add Timesheet' on ticket/task. Set the service type as desired in the timesheet form.

For general information on submitting timesheets see: Using Timesheets

You can see/use the service type from the timesheet detail panel and grid. 

Learn more about: Timesheet Detail Panel / Edit Timesheets

Set rates for service types

You can set cost and/or billing rates for your service types. 

  • First, create your desired service types as described above. 
  • Next, set rates by going to Administration > Financials. 

To set the cost rates for service types, click modify under ‘Cost Calculation level’.

  • In the popup, select ‘Service Type’ under ‘Cost Calculation Level’. Then, under ‘Set Your Cost Rates’ configure the hourly rate for each of your services. Save rates when you are done.

To set billing rates click modify under ‘Invoice Calculation Level’.

  • In the popup, select ‘Service Type’ under ‘Invoice Calculation Level’. Then, under ‘Set Your Invoicing Rates’ configure the hourly rate for each of your services. You can also set monthly minimums, these are applied to monthly invoices. Save your rates when you are done. 

Learn more about rates: Financials Settings 

When invoicing, the grouping of line items is determined by your rates. So, timesheets and line items will be grouped together under each service type. 

Learn more about invoicing: Invoicing Overview 

Displaying the service type property

The service type property is displayed on the timesheets form and detail panel by default. If you do not see the service type field when submitting a timesheet or on the detail panel (after submission), it may be because it is hidden in your account settings. 

Add to the timesheet form

To add service types to the timesheet creation form, go to Administration > Forms. Scroll down to Timesheet Form and click 'Expand'. Select 'Add Another Property to the Form' and choose 'Service Types' from the window. 

Add to a timesheet detail panel

To display service types on the timesheet detail panel, go to Administration > Timesheets. Click 'Add another property to the detail panel' and select 'Service Types'. 

By default, the service type is hidden on the ticket/task creation form and detail panel.

Remember that tickets/tasks will have a service type corresponding to your default. The timesheet will follow this service type but can also be set upon logging the timesheet. This configuration will work for most companies but if you prefer, you can add the service type to the ticket/task form, allowing your team to set it upon creation. Timesheets will still follow the service type of the ticket/task and also be set on the timesheet form. 

To do this, go to Admin > Forms. Click the pencil icon beside the desired ticket/task form. In the popup window, select ' Add Another Property to the Form' and choose 'Service Type'.