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Converting Customers to Users

Customer to User Conversion

User is anyone who has access to the main OneDesk application. Users have access to OneDesk’s internal applications. 

Customers on the other hand, can use the customer-facing apps such as the client portal, knowledgebase, chat, and more. They can also submit tickets and communicate by email, but do not have access to the main internal application.

For a given email address, there can only be 1 customer or user. You cannot have an email address attached to both a customer and a user.

In OneDesk it is possible to convert a customer into a user. The customer will be removed from their organization and will gain access to the OneDesk main application and all internal projects. Be careful, as it is not possible to convert a user back into a customer. To do so you will need to delete the user and create a new customer. 

To convert a customer to a user follow these steps.

How to Convert a customer to a user

Step 1: Go to the Customers app.

Step 2: Click the three dots under the actions column next to the desired customer.

Step 3: Click on Convert into User

Step 4: You will be asked to confirm your decision. Click continue. 

Customer information that had previously been entered, such as their email, will remain within their user profile. The newly converted user will start without an assigned team, with default user settings and permissions.