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Changing Item Priorities

You can add priority levels to tickets, tasks, and projects using a star system in OneDesk. Based on the star priority, you can create custom work views to save, share and auto-assign items to the appropriate team member. Let’s go over the various ways you and your customers can set priorities with tickets as an example.

Changing a Ticket’s Priority: Inside the Main OneDesk App

There are several ways to assign a ticket a specific priority in OneDesk. You can manually choose the priority when creating the ticket or in its detail panel, have the priority change automatically through workflow automations, and have your customers change the priority of the ticket through Webforms or the Customer Portal when using the customer applications.

Method 1 - On the Internal Ticket Creation Form

To change a ticket’s priority when creating it yourself inside OneDesk, enable the “Priority” property from More Applications -> Administration -> Forms -> Ticket Form. You can mark the priority as required or not in this form as well:

Now “Priority” will appear as a field to fill out when creating a ticket:

Method 2 - Inside the Ticket Detail Panel

You can change a ticket’s priority once it is already created inside OneDesk by accessing its detail panel from your Tickets application. Select the star-level you wish to change it to:

If this property does not appear, make sure “Priority” is an enabled property for your ticket detail panel at More Applications -> Administration -> Tickets -> Ticket Detail Panel Properties.

Method 3 - Automatically Change Priority with Automations

Workflow automations are a powerful tool in OneDesk which let you specify which items the automation is run on, what triggers the automation, and what action the automation takes from an array of possibilities.

Automations can be set up to automatically change a ticket’s priority in response to a condition that you set. You can create automations for your tickets at More Applications -> Administration -> Tickets -> Workflow Automations.

Let’s create an automation that sets a ticket’s priority to 5 stars automatically when a ticket with name containing “Urgent” is created. Select “Create Workflow Automation” in the top left, and run the automation on tickets, filtered to have their name contain “Urgent”. Set the trigger to be “Item is Created”, and the action to be “Change Priority”. From the stars, select all 5. The final automation will look like this:

Now tickets with “Urgent” in their name are automatically given 5 stars of priority whenever they are created.

Method 4 - Automatically Using Macros

Macros are a tool in OneDesk which allow you to quickly change details about many tickets at once. To change the priority of several tickets with a macro, select the tickets of interest in your Tickets application and then the three dots in the “Actions” column. Choose “Modify Items” to access the macro creation interface.

In the macro creation interface you can change the priority of the selected tickets to a value you want. Let’s change the priority of our selected tickets to 3 stars:

Once done, select “Apply This Macro” to automatically change the priority of the tickets. You can save the macro for future use with the “Save This Macro” option. Saved macros appear in the “Tools” button at the top of your screen when in most applications inside OneDesk.

Changing a Ticket’s Priority: Through the Customer Apps

A ticket can have its priority set through customer submitted Webforms, or the Customer Portal. Both you and your customers can edit the priority of items on the Customer Portal.

Method 1 - Through Webforms

When submitting a ticket Webform, customers can specify the priority of the ticket if the “Priority” property for Webforms is enabled from inside OneDesk at More Applications -> Administration -> Webforms -> Ticket Webform.

The priority field will appear on the submission form your customers see:

Method 2 - Through the Customer Portal

Once a ticket has been published on the portal, you and your customers can change its priority by accessing the ticket on the portal and selecting the “Edit” button:

This will take you to an edit screen similar to the Webforms interface where the priority and other details can be adjusted.

If you do not want customers to be able to change the priority of tickets on their end, disable the priority field from inside OneDesk at More Applications -> Administration -> Portal.

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