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Basic Navigation

Your profile menu

Click on your profile in the right top corner to reveal the profile menu. This menu includes helpful links to your assigned work and settings.  

User apps sidebar

The User Applications are located on the far left side panel. The main three at the top are the Tickets, Tasks, and Projects application. 

On the bottom left of this bar is the Messenger application. 

Click on More Applications located at the bottom left to reveal other applications.

The other applications include: Timesheets, Knowledge Center, Customers, Users, Analytics, Financials and Administration. 

(Note: Only administrators have access to all applications. If you do not see an application and you are an administrator, it may be turned off. See: User Apps)

When you are looking to manage a particular thing, go to the appropriate application. 

For instance, if I go to the Tickets application I can see and manage ticket information. 

Views side panel

Within most applications, is the views panel. Views control what you see in your dashboard. 

At the top of your views panel is the project scope. The project scope narrows down your view into a particular project, all projects, or the outside of projects bucket. Project scope follows you to other apps. For example, if I go to ‘Project 1’ while in the Tickets app, then go to the Tasks app, I will be viewing the tasks in ‘Project 1.’

Below the project scope are the system views. Systems views are base views that utilize different layouts. Below your system views are ‘My views’, which are your custom views. Custom views alter the system views with filters or groupings. These custom views can be saved here on the side panel. 

You can see your current location in the breadcrumbs at the top.